A new poster series from Steve Chanks that blends classic pin-ups, gruesome monsters and that classic Tex Avery-inspired cartoon style that he adores so much, Pin-Ups in Peril wraps it all up into four monstrously kitschy, cheesecake-laden scenes. (more below the pic)


With lustful, Disneyesque monsters that border on cute and voluptuous babes often spilling out of their attire, these posters grab the attention of everyone from low-brow art hounds to pin-up collectors or just those that love the brash color palettes and tongue-in-cheek imagery.

Pin-Ups in Peril are available as a set or individually and are perfect for framing. Each poster is 4-colors, hand screen printed by Steve Chanks and all are signed and numbered. Get yours before they’re gone at SteveChanks.com/Shop or at etsy.com/shop/BabesAndMonsters

Beach_Babe_Beastie_Steve_Chanks Bigfoot_babe_stealer_Steve_Chanks Full_Moon_Momma_Steve_Chanks Groping_Gargoyle_Steve_Chanks